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As of 04.12.2012 there were new regulations on the approval of the contingency plans prepared in accordance with The Minister of Administration and Interior no. 163 of 2007 for approval of such general fire safety:

1. Intervention plans are draw:

  • officers and NCOs who retired firefighter specialist patent obtained under powers conferred by the patent grant prevederileRegulamentului firefighter specialist professional emergency services personnel whom they have ceased service approved by O.M.A.I. 164/2007;
  • technical or specialized teaching staff with responsibility for fire protection which obtained certificate of competence.

2. Plans shall be prepared for:

  • operators and institutions have a number of employees at least equal to that provided, law, for small;
  • high and very high buildings, regardless of constructed area.

Intervention plan is the structure of Annex. 3 the general fire safety rules approved by Government Decision no. 163 of 2007 , aiming at every point of the plan following


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Model for the first page of the intervention plan,ro here

Conventional signs to be used in intervention plans