Firefighter's Day

Ordin DE ZI

Chief Inspector

Inspectorate for Emergency Situations "Vasile Goldiş"Arad County

to celebrate Day of Romania Firefighter


We celebrate the 13 September Day Fire in Romania, Remembering a page of history written national struggle waged now 165 years Spirii Hill, The Fire Company in Bucharest led by Captain Paul Zăgănescu, against Ottoman troops arrived to defeat the revolutionary movement 1848.

Courage and sacrifice of firefighters continued over time, being revived in key moments of national history: the 1877 the artillery from Giurgiu and Calafat which signaled the start of the War of Independence, as the fronts of World War II, fighting with a gun or fighting fires interfering armed confrontations.

Romanian firefighters institution has experienced a continuous development, from early intervention to fire the current management of complex emergencies. Integrate the inspectorate for emergency situations and developing a complex reaction mechanism in civil emergencies, Romanian firefighters conducted a laborious task, responding to citizens' requests and needs of the community. Firefighting were added to the flood, landslides, seismic, epidemic, epizootic, blocking of, drought, extrication and support people in critical situations, intervention to technological accidents, radiological, nuclear, biological or other natural or man-made disasters.

Managing increasingly complex problems in the field of emergency requires people with real skills, loyal, brave, steadfast and committed, always willing to sacrifice. Firefighters soldiers from the I.S.U. "Vasile Goldis" Arad County have proven countless times that possess these qualities by the professionalism and seriousness that characterizes, being constantly in the service of citizens and community.

Today's anniversary is a time to recall the historical tradition and firefighters alike enjoy appreciation from citizens, for their professionalism and dedication in carrying out the tasks entrusted proven.

Perform properly the tasks of prevention and emergency management is not possible without the direct support of other structures in the composition of the Interior Ministry, County Committee of Emergency Situations and local authorities, which ought to express my gratitude for availability and consistency.

On the occasion of 13 September we sent you, Colleagues, and all firefighters - civilian and military - warmest congratulations, good health, labor power and success in fulfilling our mission noble and generous.



ing. John Bogdanescu